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@vtimd @caitlinnallison All fun and games until you’re standing outside in the rain screaming “Puppy McPupface.”…qM

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@daverdfw Appears I didn’t get the memo, so not sure what the rules were. Seems reasonable to me to welcome last week’s pets as well.

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@mikestanley Maybe oversold this one with “multiple,” is two data points. Have seen several new pets, across…dA

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Was there a state wide memo on getting a pet this weekend? Seeing multiple new fur covered additions to people’s families.

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Seems Bobby Tables (or the parents of) have started a business.…

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@caitlinnallison Surely (hopefully) “starburst is a food item for any time of day” is not a contested take on food.

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What I thought I do this weekend: work on a @BlogtoberTech blog post or two. What I did instead: haphazardly poke…Ez

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@arielsanchezmor Very cool, congratulations! Good luck in getting that VCDX number.

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Horizon 7.13… and Horizon Client 5.5… release notes are posted.

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Finally stops to google my issue, right there in the release notes “True SSO and Smart Card based SSO/Logon are…lN

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Little bit of housekeeping this weekend, updated to Workstation 16. Had previously installed the 20H2 preview…25

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“change window starts when I push the button”

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Turning A21193, Securing and Accelerating the Enterprise Data Center with Data Processing Units (DPUs)…81

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arielsanchezmor I’m looking to put some more hardware in my homelab - especially upgrade all my NUCs to 64GB.
If you have 6th…Jr

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Working now, videos playing once the session details are opened. Unfortunately, now also done with lunch.

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Are the @nvidia on demand session not available yet or am I missing an option in the catalog?

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wonder_nerd Great set of links from @Magneet_nl for more details on programming against the…z3

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Hello there @BlogtoberTech. Seems we’re getting fancy this year, I like it.

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@seanpmassey @vhojan going to add a “not the way we wanted it” tag line as well?

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Moving from one deep dive to another, @vhojan’s Nerdfest VDI Demo is up next for @VMworld viewing.

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Time for @VMworld with @CarlWebster. May be late, but still lots of strong content to take in.

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