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April 2012

Why did I give them sugar! My gosh my class is very hyper this evening.

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OReillyMedia The force behind the JQuery Cookbook, @codylindley, made his JavaScript Enlightenment PDF book available free - -SSL

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dear weather, hot or cold, I don’t care I have the technology to deal with it, but make up your mind!

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pboothe My students think I really want their programs. I want the act of programming to change them. The goal is changed minds not bits.

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stevenfurtick One reason we struggle w/ insecurity: we’re comparing our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.

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Not sure what happened, but 12th and Dixie would be a good place to avoid right now.

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lyzidiamond Technology: one of the most social jobs you can have.

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iubtechcareers approx 1.7 million college grads in the US for the class of 2012.

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Playing air drums this morning, offices near me should probably be glad I don’t have any drumsticks.

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thinkgeek Enterprise: “So. You’re looking… rough.” Discovery: “Yeah. I’ve been busy.”

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BYODB: Bring Your Own DataBase.

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So the same day @CarbonWebOS and Graphite are EOLed, @woot is selling webOS touchpads…

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trevormunoz Highly recommend this tutorial on node.js. Can be worked through quickly, provides good explanations

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just found out from my students that today is good weather for a zombie apocalypse.

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Think I saw a new drink get invented at dinner, coffee with a half-and-half shooter.

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Has a happier car now.

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: took butterfinger minis from @elbrownmcne’s office earlier in week. One left on my desk this AM, ate it. Now I want more of them

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TheOfficialACM Check out new ACM Tech Pack on Business Intelligence and Data Management for Decision-Making

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At home I end up with multiple copies of Facebook open, at work I end up with multiple copies of my inbox.

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Managed to drop off my cardboard recycling without having to worry about if I was about to get shanked.

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Used car dealership in town is advertising an end of year sale, they either plan well ahead or are a bit behind.

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Dear computer, please stop working and break like you did before!

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Good morning world!

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words that will get a conversation going between pretty much any two geeks: “been configuring the new router”

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meyerweb It’s become pretty common for people to describe new technology as “magical”.

Tradition teaches us that not all magic is positive.

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zambonini I like this joke from Reddit: “A web designer walks into a bar, but immediately leaves in disgust upon noticing the table layout.”

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realmacsoftware Are you an awesome UI designer? Want to join the Realmac team? You might want to check our jobs page!

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adainitiative Blog: Grace Hopper Celebration of Computing scholarships open

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Round and round I go with @VMware support, need a usable @vmwareview user experience.

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@kcase, Tech support from the CEO on a Sunday! Yet more proof that @OmniGroup rocks.

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