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June 2018

also re: picnic hypothetical question, not breaking out the wireshark tonight, but results thus far are interesting…

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chips that encourage you to write on the bag and share on social media seemed about as on brand as possible a…id

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@nedegan @HPE_Storage @HPE_Discover cloudy and an (IT) monster on the loose? That’s getting close to the story…Uq

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today’s wisdom: “if you start with an excessively large swap file, you won’t have to grow it further as you go”

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mikerenfro Look for the curvature in the space-time continuum, and there you’ll find emacs.

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@MyVMUG is this just for the event that’s currently UserCon, or also including other meetings/events?

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say what you will, some days were just easier with a parallel port and a LaserJet II

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Inside this box we have: two more boxes!

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I really didn’t expect the year of VDI to involve this much cardboard.

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NiranEC Join me today on my “NSX-T and CNA” session with @vBrownBag at 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM EDT. Would love your feedback on…dx

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Ready, not at all, so so far behind in my blogging. Having said that, have committed to successfully completing…JV

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@seanpmassey @molikop @SimonLong_ @mattheldstab this seems like a smart move (if not a slight short ban list)

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@gstrouth @mattheldstab @mnvmug gambling and a golf course, @mattheldstab have some plan to make sure only the…Jx

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Nice coverage of the Horizon Performance Tracker. Looks like a great addition for many environments.…

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vendor ticket system: we’ll call you back within two hours. Me: *refreshes ticket every 10 mins*

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really Monday, this is how we’re going to play?

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@HeatherWeaverDC @AmesCG do you have the inbox with an arrow coming out of it at the bottom of the tweet in question?

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@Magneet_nl cheers! Hope you have a great weekend as well.

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“It’s got animations, Mike” aka today in things said to @mikerenfro

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@vCenterNerd great presentation tonight on !

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In the Chattanooga area? This could be the meeting for you!…

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@jfrappier ya, I think the next datapoint will be the time between when I post something new and when one of these same coworkers notices

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@tbgree00 another happy MX Master (mouse) user here

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@AmandaMSaunders Congratulations! Assuming photo is from today, looks like a great day for a celebration.

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