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July 2011

@CarbonWebOS Any ideas what causes this to occur when loading lists? #DoesNotHappenEverytime

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justgrimes wish I had a information time machine where I could read things now but automagically know them in the past when I could’ve really used it

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SimpleLoveTweet Relationships or friendships are worth fighting for, but not if you’re the only one fighting. #SLT

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The same roads that took me away from high school and on to the next phase of my life are now taking me back to the reunion. #fb

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@lgvelazco If only you knew a few people, or say maybe several hundred, who write software for windows and the web… ;)

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@lgvelazco The lack of a windows client doesn’t bother me too much with @omnifocus, do wish they had more mobile options however.

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Record linkage gone wrong :( - |

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@maxey2005 That was the year Party in the USA came out right? ;) #JustHadTo

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GeorgeReese Anyone know off the top of their heads if in Java Float.Nan == Double.NaN ?

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@lgvelazco Would you be asking about @OmniFocus ?

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@gailcarmichael Ya, had a similar experience a couple of days ago, have to say I was impressed, the rest of google+ I’m still figuring out.

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smashingmag Free HTML Book: The Node Beginner Book -

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just made my first paid purchase on the mac app store. Sorta think I’ve opened a pandora’s box, but I guess time will tell. #fb

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@ZicklePop it’s been a while since I’ve found a bug like that in an apple product. #HappyDance

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anyone else having problems with the “Download All Free Updates” button for updating apps in the new version of iTunes? #fb

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Questioning if I’m the only techie mac user not installing lion today… Keeping both systems on same version of OS X. #fb

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for the first time in a while, found my pineapple cream cheese at the store! #happy #fb

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this has been a good day, and a great evening #fb

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having a great night, it’s almost as if @summermistine is here. #LookForwardToHerReturn

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going to attempt something new on the cooking front, but first have to get sone additional cooking tools. #CouldGetInteresting #fb

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librarycongress Did you miss the terrific documentary on the Library of Congress last night on C-SPAN? Watch it here:

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@KellyCDB hope your day turned out well!

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@KellyCDB Sounds like a crappy dude, glad you made the most of the day. Hope it’s been an enjoyable day! #YouGoGirl

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IBMResearch The @mayoclinic using tools to ID & sort health info from any EMR, regardless of file format & data org.

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… going so far as to include how to leave the service in the FAQ, for a performance outage beyond their control. (cc: @Pinboard)

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Speaking of @Pinboard really liked the way they handled their recent service disruption. Lots of larger organizations could learn from it…

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Six bookmarks left on my laptop, rest in @Pinboard. As soon as I figure out how I want to tag these six, they will be in the cloud too!

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tennesseetech President Bob Bell announces his July 2012 retirement.

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“You’re not here to impress other designers, your job is to make your users’ lives better.” — #UndercoverUX #UndercoverManifesto #fb

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finally sitting down to read Undercover User Experience Design. #OverdueReading #fb

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billatk Yay! Apple has donated my original QuickDraw and MacPaint source code to the Computer History Museum for people to download and read.

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developerworks Learn how to build #browser #applications using RPG and #ExtJS > #webdesign #code #webapp #JSON #Java #CPP #app

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today is proving to be very interesting. #fb

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once upon a time buying a book was simple, now it’s 800 numbers and webpages and odd error messages. #fb

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meyerweb I so wish I had thought of this first: LOL BOX MODEL

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Artist Makes ASCII Art Physical With Typewriter | Underwire | #fb

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brownorama “Those are my *playgroup* friends. He’s my *school* best friend.” Apparently, the #5yo understands Circles better than I do.

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Video games and kids: How young is too young? #cnn #fb

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au_wic @juliendanny: @Facebook #ghc11 Recipients will be notified on August 5th. Best of luck to you!!! :)

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First a Muppets movie, now the smurfs. This year’s movies are either going to be epic great or epic #fail. #fb

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InnovatED A new report shows that the number of HS students learning online has tripled over the past 3 years. (via @GOOD)

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