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March 2021

I’m watched a Universal Print video, @SwiftOnSecurity is getting everyone on IT Twitter talking about…rK

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@steveathanas I think there’s a lot of protentional with a “all in together” approach, but certainly money…To

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MicrosoftLearn 🚨 New in beta!

🖥 If you’re an administrator expert on for @Azure,…uC

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Can echo what others have said, there’s a lot of overlap between the AZ-104 and AZ-303 subject matter. For those…Ek

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Other than a bio update, not sure I shared my previous Microsoft certification on here. Took a step towards…49

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@BasvanKaam @Ciraltos Schedule exam link is now live on the exam page. Was able to register and use the beta…dT

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GiulianoBerteo ⚠️ vSAN 6.7 P04 / 7.0 U1 P02 nodes might experience significant perf degradation, caused by LSOM Memory…dx

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Everyone on here tweeting up the new Horizon release while “The new appcapture.exe command can be used ……9l

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@caitlinnallison @vtimd Yep, agree. Got into watching at one point. Enjoyed the episodes I watched. Got to one…2V

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@mattheldstab @Liquidware I’ll award you 100 points and a pair of socks, but I’m probably not authorized to give…FC

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Last day to take part in the @VDILIKEAPRO survey. Help set a new participation record and contribute to a…I2

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@vtimd @VMwareTurtles um… Clearly the @VMwareTurtles take it. But, you’re going to have to show your work on…qW

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@BradTompkins_ @steveathanas @MyVMUG @garyvee Still thinking about the frequency part of that post session. I…az

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Have been using virtual machine scale sets as part of trying out various elements of Azure networking (nsg, load…tK

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@vGonzilla If the simulated failure results in a service outage, I suspect you’ll have nearly instantaneous notification

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And now for the real question @vBrownBag sales question, how many book copies did @mistwire sell by just holding it up?

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We’re underway, but still time to dive into @vBrownBag for the evening!…

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mistwire REMINDER: 15 minutes on @vBrownBag! @JoeOnisick continues our IT career series with “Sales Skills for Technical…h8

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vSphere Native Key Provider… new in vSphere 7.0U2. Great to see this option open up for…zJ

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Also, if you need Horizon 7, maybe for an upcoming [VCAP] certification or testing out scripts & other community…oU

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Doing some OS updates and the like within my homelab today. Noticed that my Horizon license was ~3 days from…Lg

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@caitlinnallison Well someone ate well for the evening. 😆

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Clearing off the community participation todo list this evening, responded to the community state of…YV

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Busy in the trenches of EUC? Procrastinator? Either way, time is running out to submit an EUC vExpert application.…

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Thanks to @JoeOnisick and @mistwire for giving it a try this evening in the face of some technical limits.…Wl

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Been a bit since I’ve caught @vBrownBag live (rather than catching a recording later). Looking forward…B8

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@TheNotoriousDRR Given the similarities to the ones used on ice, mine is Puck.

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