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June 2012

sitepointdotcom If you’re thinking of getting into Rails, we’re giving away a free ebook that might be of interest. ^hawk

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So I seem to be rather uncoordinated when I do laundry. Tonight’s lesson: head into dryer door hurts.

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So I’m in two different IM conversations; both died after I sent a question. How’s this work?

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I seem to be good a taking a liking to movies that aren’t showing in Cookeville.

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has the Google Doodle been up all day?

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Can’t go wrong with a little Griffin House for the afternoon right?

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Help @KCLWolf sing with the Arkansas Symphony on July 4th, vote here (up to 10 times per day)…

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chartier Looks like it took a company that’s never built a Windows PC to start trying to build PCs right:

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any day that includes a playing of Code Monkey has to be a good day!

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chefjabari Tennessee Tech got some really cool alumni.

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FindingAda Sorry, Young Man, You’re Not the Most Important Demographic in Tech…

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