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October 2011

@ZicklePop You get in @panic’s Coda 2 beta?

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thinkgeek <blink>Today in Geek History: In 2009, Yahoo! shut down GeoCities. 38M pages suddenly cried out in terror.</blink>

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@ZicklePop If have that kind of power over @panic something is seriously wrong with the world!

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another hour, another test #fb

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@panic Coda users do seem like passionate group; I’d probably try to make them happy to. Thinking more for your “quality time” with transmit

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@panic I can haz @Rackspace Cloud Files in Transmit?

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giving a test in WEBD 1500 at @tennesseetech!

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air conditioning #IWantIt #fb

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priscillaoppy Just two weeks until the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing! Looking forward to it. #ghc11

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having a good day! trying to clear thing off the todo list. #MixedProgress #fb

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Why are files so hard to manage? #fb

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I think @ParallelsMac needs to be less popular so I can win more stuff via twitter from them. ;)

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ParallelsMac See what everyone is saying about Parallels Desktop 7 & RT for a chance to win an #AppleMagic Mouse!

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my brain is mush, time for a computer break #fb

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gailcarmichael Technical women - take this survey to help @anitaborg_org determine the best course for the future!

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juliekientz Mary Poppins sang about #gamification before gamification was cool.

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realizes it’s @elbrownmcne’s fault I have a post-it note with the words “cinnamon roll” across the top! #fb

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It’s fall break at @tennesseetech. Seems like everyone on campus in panic mode to get as much done while students are gone as possible. #fb

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Hello Sunday afternoon, hello @OmniFocus think it’s time to be productive. #fb

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Well #TNWIC marks the least amount of time I’ve spend in sessions at a conference; also the most interesting conference experience. #fb

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CACMmag Dennis Ritchie, creator of the C programming language and a developer of UNIX, has passed away; here’s an in-depth obit

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An updated map app from @palm would do me a bit more good if @verizonwireless hadn’t trashed the location features of my phone!

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In slightly socking @hpnews, there’s actually an update from the land of @palm for my phone.

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My copy is a bit newer than some, but still seems an appropriate way to note the passing of Dennis Ritchie #fb

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kishizuka “Perhaps we need an advocacy campaign for DRM free ebook publishing?” - @wfryer #ebksmt #k12

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dear Firefox, I don’t care #StopPublishingUpdates

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“we’re computer scientists so we can solve it in ten minutes” #OrItsFree #fb

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JerryThomas I need a feature in my real life where if people want me when I’m too busy they instead see a picture of a cartoon whale.

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bethanar Apparently an archivist working on their own is known as a ‘lone arranger’. Any archivists care to comment? #puntastic

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at the point a database was part of my ideal solution for sharing a half dozen links online, decided to stop exploring that possibility #fb

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don’t you just love that point where you know too much about something and become paralyzed trying to do something simple? #fb

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voidspace His last words: “ooh look, I can ssh into my pacemaker”… //ht Geek and Poke #geek

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MikeHaydon Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac? -George Carlin

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now to make it though the next 2 weeks #fb

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hmason Evidence that computer scientists are hypercritical:

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so Friday a white tie appeared in the middle of my street, guess the career fair didn’t go so well for someone. #fb

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thinkgeek Happy Ada Lovelace Day, in honor of the world’s 1st programmer! Would all the techie ladies please raise their hands for a high five?

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it’s pop up video on @vh1 #happy #popupvideo #fb

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realmacsoftware For today & tomorrow, we’re donating all app sales to Pancreatic Cancer Research: #thankyousteve

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QOTD: “Why are the trees different?” #fb

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@lgvelazco I can haz all the time? cc:@Bing

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I’m waiting at a traffic light, the car next to me starts backing up. Thought they were going to try to get running start #CookevilleFun #fb

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voidspace Got the star wars trilogy on blu-ray. To ensure it wasn’t butchered by George Lucas I bought the Family Guy edition…

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student emails replied to! #SmallWin

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@KellyCDB grab any attention with the bright yellow peacoat?

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plus side of it being downright cold in the office: my pepsi stays cold :) #fb

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post lunch plans: turning all the outlined stuff on my concept pad into actual assignments for WEBD 1500 #fb

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@KellyCDB Well you’re already catching attention just talking about it on twitter, so it seems like so far so good #GoodLuck

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“I’m like the computer, if I have to pull out the floating point registers, things slow down” #fb

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