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February 2019

@mikestanley now I just have to actually write something

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MackenzieKMeier Just found out something new and wanted to share. If you ever have to use vdmadmin.exe commands, use CMD instead…BO

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Quick reminder for Nashville area folks, @NashvilleVMUG meeting is tonight!…

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@arielsanchezmor glad that could help your efforts building and maintaining the online vCommunity, thanks for what you do!

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@mikestanley was part of the can’t login to teams bunch this morning, was surprised at how big an impact that had on my morning productivity

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_JeremyMain At last, v1.07 has been released for physical and virtual machines featuring .

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Cool tech and a good laugh all at the same time.…

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What I intended to do: write script to copy utility onto system as part of image build process. What I actually…Gl

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MyVMUG Introducing TestDrive to !

This is a new exclusive offer! Members can explore @VMware products,…XS

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Nice backup presentation by @whitehattechs. Seems there’s a certain hazard element to presenting…Rc

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Less than an hour until tonight’s . Note, is back on go to webinar tonight.…

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arielsanchezmor Tonight on @vBrownBag we’ll have @whitehattechs talking backups from a vendor neutral perspective! Come…ys

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amyengineer Genius. 😂…

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@arielsanchezmor are accounts that you add to lists (but don’t otherwise follow) counted in this limit? Maybe…Mt

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Don’t recall if it was in there last year, but the confirmation email on application is a nice touch to the @vExpert application process.

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Having submitted mine earlier today, can confirm it is still possible to submit a 2019 @vExpert application, but…Al

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Thing I expect an uninstall option to do: remove the things it installed. Thing it did not do: remove the thing it installed.

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@mikestanley Guess I have something to chat with our health services staff about the next time I’m over that way for a bit.

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@mikestanley If it is your own health data, I’m not sure I see a difference between writing on a piece of paper…kA

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@mikestanley Accidental or intentional disclosure of someone’s health data was one of things I had in mind for…WQ

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@mikestanley While there’s a slew of issues such a statement could be aimed at, also seems like it cuts out some…9E

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