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August 2012

progress, I makes some

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ZachWeiner In Britain, they have whilst loops, which do not terminate until the Queen says it’s appropriate.

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meyerweb Farewell, Neil Armstrong. I never knew a Moon that was untouched by human presence, and simple fact fills me with unbounded wonder.

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griffey We need more heroes, not less. So sorry to hear about Neil Armstrong. His ashes should be laid to rest on the Moon. He deserves another trip

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gslis GSLIS alum Lynn Yarmey (MS ’11) talks about data curation in school and as a career:

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Seems like a good morning for some Owl City.

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I’ve never liked that address book on OS X requires a year on birthdays when you enter them…

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@maxey2005 my curiosity is currently winning out over my fear of the answer, just how does one get on the VIP list for such a fine event?

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stormka So awesome. Ever wonder how the D-pad was dreamed up? - The Legend of Miyamoto: How Nintendo Shaped UX

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autodesk Attention engineers and architects: What is building science and why is it awesome?

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@RonOglesby @buckley_bill Tragically it is also harder to take a sledgehammer to them…

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sitepointdotcom Shaun Inman, Don Norman, & Daniel Burka share their Web Design Insights

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there’s string version of Sara Bareilles - King of Anything Like the song, this version no exception

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it’s one thing when my youngest cousins have teachers that were my classmates. I just feel old when it becomes their younger siblings.

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think I probably made my last left turn onto Willow until December tonight.

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On phone with vendor, tell them I plan to install their product this afternoon, reply: “good luck with that plan”

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sig_chi Less than a month to the paper deadline. Time to crowdsource your paper to Mechanical Turk still…

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libraryfuture Generation Y (born between 1979 & 1989) might be the most bibliophilic generation alive

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how to procrastinate: “I wonder if this software package I’m about to use to get work done is up-to-date”

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re: last message, ok so maybe I will be on facebook, but only after I have found my safe place to shelter…

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Really, there are people who want to use Twitter to send people news of active, life-threatening weather?

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Jodyth For those who are guilty of buying books & not reading them, there’s a word for it

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It feels much later than it really is…

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sitepointdotcom Creating a Simple Windows 8 Game with JavaScript: Windows 8 App Basics

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@RonOglesby never felt jealous of the Southwest a-list perks, no way they’re worth traveling that much!

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@CharterAshton TBS is fine, Comedy Central in HD is still not correct — which is what I was trying to watch.

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@CharterAshton @Charter non-HD @ComedyCentral is correct it seems, as is HD and non-HD TBS.

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Anyone else seeing the Chappelle Show instead of @TheDailyShow on @ComedyCentral (central time zone, @Charter cable)?

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one small router change, one giant load of images! :)

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had to tell someone I was too young for what they wanted me to do. Haven’t done that in a long time!

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Work is over, I’ll do the same thing everyone in Cookeville does, go to WalMart

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