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December 2010

eLearnMag Art vs. Information Science: The Same Knowledge, with Smarter Design, Serves Everyone…

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griffey Eliza, after hitting the wrong thing on her iPod touch “This is a disaster!”

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griffey Free Pinboard account for librarians!…

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Well it’s at least a white Christmas Eve here.

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Just took advantage of this bundle to get my first @RosenfeldMedia book, will have to do some crazy cool prototyping.

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and @thinkgeek said he wouldn’t be here for Christmas! They clearly know how to use the force AND green pipes.

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ghc Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing February 18-19, 2011 Loudonville, OH #ghrc (Grace Hopper Regional Consortium)

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ghc applications are open for 2011/2012 Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarships great program!

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anyone have experiences with non-google email hosting they want to share?

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So the more I see the new one the more I like the old @AMIAinformatix logo.

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elbrownmcne Academic Housekeeping: Have you looked at your CV lately - publications, committees, awards…

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syngress Sample a chapter of #Microsoft #Virtualization: Available for purchase:

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@cameronmoll So now you just need someone to offer to pay double for it (thus taking it off your hands) and burn it.

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This has to be one of the more interesting finals I’ve given. #fb

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reillyusa Microsoft tablet range to be named “Microsoft Enhanced Handheld” or “MEH” for short.

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Microsoft_EDU What if TJ, GW & JH had #MSWord to craft the Declaration of Independence? #office2010

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Just FYI, “drive it like you stole it” is not an advisable snow driving technique. #fb

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terriko Ever come close to washing out of STEM? Did and felt better? Came back? Commenter would like some support/stories:

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got the latest @CACMmag, looks to be a good one. Pixar interview, #CSEdWeek, universal info. access, IT model curric discussion in VE, +more

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@ZicklePop and yes, one of the people was from MIT.

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@ZicklePop You laugh, but I was at dinner a few years back as part of an ACM event, and that was a discussion at one end of the table.

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this may have to be my new goal in life, to be called out in a man page. #fb

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found in a man page “Don’t do as Berkeley did and …” #unix #funwithunixSaturday #fb

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And yes, the missing part of said label was important.

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If you’re in a tech discipline, or tech side of a discipline, and including a table, be sure axis labels are readable in the printed paper.

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@maxey2005 Sounds like a great evening, and a great reminder of just how good you have it.

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@lgvelazco well there goes that perk :(

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I don’t know why anyone would think Emerald would be plotting my demise in that photo.

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@lgvelazco If I remember from your photos, said free soda even comes in MS cans. ;)

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So @anchesney just proposed a standard for smileys, possibly as an extension to POSIX…

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to badly rework a @thinkgeek shirt, “come to the Computer Science side, we’ve got cookies and cake” #fb

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MicrosoftPress Free Jump Start Course on Windows Azure Development next week - December 15-17, 2010:

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jsteeleeditor Ever wondered what your Twitter network looks like? Today’s Strata Gem from @edd will help you find out.

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Hey @uxmag, I’d like to read about changing face computing & think about info usage. Do I win a copy of ‘Smart Things’?

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NASA C’mon boys! Space is for girls, too! #MayTheForceBeWithKatie

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Pong: the newest Olympic sport. #fb

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“awk’s not like perl and for that we are all thankful” —Me #fb

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katezwaard 6% of undergrads replied “sometimes” to a survey q asking if they have ever had a fatal heart attack while watching TV — M. Lesk #idcc10

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OReillyMedia Strata Gems: Five data blogs you should read — Data geekery, visualization and journalism via @radar

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@thinkgeek cool! I could see with the holiday rush on not getting into that right now, will keep an eye out for something in the future.

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@thinkgeek super cool move! Any chance of an effort to let people donate and pool geekpoints to get starwars toys out to kids organizations?

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radar An anti-harassment policy for tech conferences: Reasons why this is needed:

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@trevormunoz have you ever been to a conference that didn’t have wifi trouble?

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@griffey Ya, barring someone doing “maintenance” on your nameservers or something, didn’t have much hope of that being it.

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@griffey but that was case of joomla totally not working, not an case of intermittent working.

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@griffey saw something like that happen with MySQL was only listening on loopback and joomla was trying to connect to actual hostname.

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edd Today’s Strata Gem is about finding data sources – some good starting points for free & for-pay services #strataconf

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DeanDebra Between 2000-2008 the number of incoming undergrad women interested in majoring in CS declined 79% #CSEdWeek via @NCWIT

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OH Mother: “You know what dad needs? An extension cord.”

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comp_science How do we validate data and code, and decrease the reviewer’s workload?

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anyone know someone at google (preferably the @gmail part)? #fb

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brownorama HB (4yo): I want to make a web site. Me: OK. HB: So we need to get your book and follow the instructions. #candiehappy

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@nicolibrarian Can’t say I have some high-minded use in mind, just need some video to play with the new HTML5 video element.

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@nicolibrarian Wonderful and timely pointer, needed a video to work with for a little experiment over the break, now have a source!

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Thanks, @trevormunoz for pointing to that last link!

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paige_roberts Have you read @ernestopriego ‘s gentle and thoughtful post on the value of twitter for a scholar? | @HASTAC

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Enjoyed seeing the #WEBD capstone presentations this afternoon, some really nice features, including: faceted browsing and mobile streaming.

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@mrwtn865 I think I’m below my usual posting rate. My twitter timeline is a source of professional/industry news for both LIS and CS.

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that has to be one of the worst explanations of INNERJOIN I’ve done. :( #fb

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ScholCommons ColorBrewer site suggests schemes to make your charts and maps look more polished.

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radar 5 free and open source data mining tools: via @edd #strataconf #data

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@trevormunoz and now I’ve learned about a new website ( Tragically, probably won’t remember the word long term…

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getting ready this morning I figured out solution to programing/data structure problem for project I haven’t touched in months #usetrees #fb

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@mrwtn865 I’ve got places to be, academic-ing to be done, and as @wade712 would point out grades to post.

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DabsDotCom To win a #Kinect and 360 bundle from, RT this post. For a second entry, click here:

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