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August 2011

elliotjaystocks Related: hardly any of the @smashingmag redesign is being done in Photoshop.

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NSF when teachers love math, kids love math…and it shows:

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Sometimes I do something amazingly simple and yet still get amazingly excited about the results! #GoodDay

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@lgvelazco doesn’t that require that you make the new one and then delete the old one? So the new one has to watch? #OrderMatters

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the problem with a virtual machine: you can’t go smack it around when it misbehaves #fb

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In the fall of 2001, I started at @tennesseetech as a freshman Computer Science major. #TenYearsStillHere #AtLeastHaveSomeDegrees #fb

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two and a half degrees later and I’m still asking people “do you want fries with that” #fb

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had a great birthday and birthday weekend, thanks to everyone that was a part of it. #fb

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smashingmag The Django Book: a free book about the Django Web framework for the Python programming language -

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poultrykeeper A bet with my Boss. He says Twitter is a waste of time. He will give 50p per RT I get but I give him £10 if I don’t get 10…

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catehstn This video is awesome - Girls in a Tech World: Endless Possibilities of Computer Science -

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@CharterJoseph Is that a @Charter decision or one that was made by @IFCFilms?

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hplabs Big data meets the smart grid: via @katiefehren @gigaom

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jeromemcdonough Earthquakes can really mess up a library. Like UMD’s:

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@Charter The same day @CharterWitten helped with an account issue I asked about on-demand program: haven’t heard back.

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jewelia “Big data” is only a problem in the first world; in the developing world freedom of information is a much bigger issue #futurehistorymakers

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pewinternet [Totally awesome] position opening at @pewinternet: Web Coordinator #communications #data #design #job

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allthingscensus Learn how to use Census and other govt. data in these 40-min. presentations, made for journalists but free for all.

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alicedaer Yes! Finally. I applaud this research. “@dmlcentral: Open University research explodes myth of ‘digital native’

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ForwardViewIBM Electricity isn’t something you think about until it goes out. See how #IBM helps utilities add intell to their grids

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From @regvulture homepage, just seem to ironic not to share with folks. #fb

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… tripped over the end of my own shoe walking out of said room, and I pretty much glued my fingers to each other several times.

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So my clumsiness tally for the day: spilled a Pepsi in a carpeted classroom with several no food or dink signs, …

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@KellyCDB in a crafts mood for the evening, have some gifts to make and some more to wrap. #ShouldBeFun

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@CharterWitten That’s fine, thanks for the help.

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@CharterWitten sent you a reply to your DMs, not sure if you saw it or not.

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@Charter also have a question about receivers and my account, can I DM with someone about that?

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@Charter IFC website ( says The Myth of the American Sleepover is available until 10/27/11, can’t find in on-demand.

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“It’s just like real shopping, I keep losing my cart” — Me #badUI #fb

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@ParallelsCares Oh, I happily upgraded both copies of parallels I have to version 6 sometime ago. Think I started with version 2 or so…

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@ParallelsMac, link in that last tweet was suppose to be

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Hey @ParallelsMac have issue with old product in the channel? Thinking of users missing out on all the new features. :(

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So I’m on a first name basis with the service managers at the VW dealership… Well at least they take good care of my car #fb

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dear #timemachine, I just formatted the drive all fresh for you less than 24 hours ago, please work for at least a few days!

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libscenester “It’s a unix system. I know this!” #LOVE

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@MattWillisDC I started reading Making Ideas Happen, need to finish that first, and then start on the GTD book.

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@Levenger, how compatible would the Oasis Concept Pad be with the Bomber Jacket Desk Blotter instead of Oasis Pad Backer?

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Like the new custom covers from @Levenger, now to find an excuse to order some… #MayNeedSomeTime

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@MattWillisDC Well part of “get done reading the book” is to start reading the book. I have picked up a few parts of it here and there.

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IBMAccess RT Taken this quiz already? Test your ADA knowledge. Take the @ChooseWorkSSA #ADAChallenge quiz

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so my main problem with GTD right now is that I have to get done reading the book, which is proving to be bit of chicken and egg problem #fb

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odannyboy “We’ve come full circle [with some iPad apps] back to the Bob UI, which we all agreed was a bad idea.” #d3

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TTU_CSC Important information regarding computing labs for the department of Computer Science: Questions to @TTU_CSC_Support.

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I’m sure it would be fixed if I got rid of the plist, but any other ideas on how to bring back an application’s icon on the dock (10.6)?

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TimRiker Happy WiFi Day everyone! 8.02.11 #WiFiDay

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@lgvelazco Figured it was an on call role of some type, thanks for the quick reply!

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