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April 2020

work from home perk of the afternoon: can singing as loud and as off key as I want

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This looked interesting enough when I first saw it. Come to find out there’s going to be commentary as well! Wasn’…TT

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KenNalbone This week on , @heathbarj will be giving us an introduction to @vmwarevcf. What is it and how can it…te

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It’s Monday morning, why not talk about Microsoft licensing

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MyVMUG Not a member yet? You should be! Advantage offers exclusive access to 365-day evaluation licenses for 15+ VMware…3U

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@mikerenfro: “Somewhere there is a windmill.”
me: “And that windmill is our actual VDA usage? And I’m just…Rc

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OH: “probably in some way that is obvious to people with discrete math backgrounds”

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@CarlWebster @Sophos you’re missing the hitmanpro processes from that list

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I have a friend and valued coworker, @mikerenfro, who has a PhD in breaking things. Fairly certain I just broke…XD

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pluralsight We’re all in this together. We’re making all of our 7,000+ expert-led video courses FREE for the entire month of…Gp

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Seems now has the new vSphere 7.0 documentation and the compatibility database is updated……uj

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