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January 2020

seanpmassey Want to learn more about load balancing the @vmwarehorizon Unified Access Gateway? Check out this guide by the…P8

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The stream of updates continues with a new update closing out the month of January.…

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“If you stay in the data center, you can’t hear your phone ring” context: identifying correct network link :)

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@youngtech Enjoyed the presentation, thanks for sharing.

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@jedayres Safe travels and best wishes for a successful event in Munich. Had a great time in Nashville this week,…qB

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So it turns out regular (unflavored) Diet Coke also comes in the tall skinny cans.

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CPCtechnology “If you’re not doing Experience Monitoring, by this time next year, you will be.” - Mark Lockwood, @Gartner_inc…Dx

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youngtech Packed room and people still streaming in for the @Microsoft Master Class, a FOUR HOUR…oK

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Starting with Windows Virtual Desktops Master Class.

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Great time at @etrVMUG, nice presentation on @vRealizeOps and lots of sharing with peers.

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About to get started with the January @etrVMUG meeting! Topic tonight is @vRealizeOps.

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Good day for a surprise pick me up. @EucDay returns for 2020!…

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Looking forward to it. Well the presentation and the people, always good to see everyone.…

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@CloudMakerBrian @VMware @arielsanchezmor First two apps installed: VMware Verify and Open Camera. Time to do some testing.

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@gstrouth Said basically the same thing today while working on this. You’ll probably get to see me type it again soon as well ;).

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@gstrouth @vmwarehorizon Ours was working, then broke. We thought with 5.0, but today’s testing suggested it may…q0

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Anyone aware of a published listing of the possible configuration profile keys/allowable values for the macOS @vmwarehorizon client?

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Really like this model of customer speaker solicitation. Highlight a topic as being of interest, gets past the “…Ob

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Start the year off right, show up to a @MyVMUG event near you, maybe even this one with @etrVMUG.…

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Good for you: more opportunity to purchase @VMUGAdv and win; bad for me: more competition in the way of winning.…

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@robbeekmans Can’t exactly complain about the actual work day so far. By way of a @mikerenfro assist, swapped out…0W

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Rainy day on the first day back in the office for 2020. Trying not to take it as a sign of the year ahead.

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@nedegan Less caffeine at night and not doing the home lab thing all hours of the night would probably go a long…4c

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Wasn’t ntp/time, wasn’t dns, was certificate trust. Now to start the year off right and get this cleaned up and…ay

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Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to a great 2020 ahead!

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@seanpmassey Several years ago I hosted some folks for New Years. Declared it a rule we could play CAH, but had…sj

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