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April 2019

@mikestanley You look relaxed and ready to talk dinosaurs! Keep the tweets coming, has been great to virtually follow along.

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mikestanley Rocking the beanbag at .

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@lamw Ironically enough was standing up the nested hosts, to try out some infrastructure as code, will have to…MG

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@mikestanley @CTOAdvisor Got to meet Keith a few years ago at the last event in Austin. I hadn’t…0M

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@girlgerms Congratulations, exciting times ahead!

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DM sent, regardless of resolving this particular issue, are there commonly service impacting issues that aren’t…DC

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AmandaMSaunders Now that @GoogleColab upgraded to @nvidia T4s, you can experiment with @rapidsai for FREE! Check it out…Kg

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@GoDaddyHelp being told on the phone there is a maintenance activity impacting updating records with @GoDaddy DNS…lt

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infrastructure as code takes on an additional level of fun as it gets late and your error rate typing goes up

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Decided to try out @lamw’s Nested ESXi appliance in a effort to quickly build a nested vSphere environment.…gT

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Also helpful if your ideas exceed your graphic arts skills, regardless of presentation experience.…

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Crashed @mikerenfro’s viewing of this. Did a good job filling in some gaps in my knowledge of the solution.…

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@mikestanley @seanpmassey @CommsNinja Seems like this is the start of a plan involving the consumption of chicken…Go

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and thus concludes the story of how 1/2 our group independently ended up at the same restaurant for lunch today

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@mikestanley “some event in 2018” makes me sound more traveled than I feel, but I guess I haven’t done too badly the last couple of years

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@mikestanley Um… the longer I think about it the less sure of an answer I become. Obviously some event in 2018, but not sure which.

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Had a great time at the Tennessee Higher Education Information Technology Symposium (). Was great to see…g6

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I also rock the introvert life, so there was a certain joy that came from the navigation announcing the route home had started.

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Great example of the community that brings together and a great community focused presentation.…

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Database triggers session starting off with a bonus musical performance from Larry Holder.

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Well lived to tell the tale following that presentation. Now off to a database presentation, think I’m under…o4

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Not sure my brain is ready for IT security and audit at 8am, but here we go .

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aaronbuley Wow. @cloudfoundry just dropped a TON of content on their YouTube channel.

CF Summit North America 2019 (…bi

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@gstrouth Thanks for the follow up discussion on this!

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Great day at . Several great presentations from colleagues across the state and plenty of hallway track…0a

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If you’ve been preparing for an exam, may want to take a look at this and make sure your plans are compatible.…

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Time for some multi-factor authentication discussion. Lots of folks for this session.

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Great presentation from Brad, several good points to consider.…

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Time to start off sessions for 2019. First up on my schedule, hearing about MTSU’s use of virtual desktops and apps.

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Will try to have the label maker out and about in the morning. Can also preprint labels on request.

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Last year for I printed two labels, including my own, for folks to display their twitter handle on their…yR

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So the label maker has returned to . Backpack is smaller this year, so can’t carry around as easily. Will…z7

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@arielsanchezmor safe travels for both the people and the lab gear!

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@johnddias @Sunny_Dua @MyVMUG @VMware Realized I never made it back to this, thanks for the info! Looks like I’ll…J7

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Trying out features (rtav, client drive redirection, etc) on my work in progress Windows 10 build. Turns out…wi

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“You might not have shown up to the rodeo a bull rider, but once someone throws you over the fence and onto the saddle, it is yours now”

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@MyVMUG @VMware does this include the announced yesterday vROPs 7.5, or stopping at what’s new in 7.0?

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@gstrouth @vSphereSecurity Ya, will be interesting to see how this plays out longer term, for purposes of homelab,…nj

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@mikestanley between this past weekend and now this news, the world seems determined to tempt me with legos this week.

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In case the L1TF and scheduler discussion in the vSphere 6.7 U2 announcement caught your attention, this…d3

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Kept putting off signing up for the @LoginVSI , but @youngtech made an excellent point by…UT

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editingemily I’m super excited about this. I hope you’ll join us every day in April for a huge variety of technical…aN

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