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March 2012

Any way to filter which calendars show up in @OmniFocus iPad’s forecast mode?

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brownorama NTS: Fresh produce will not magically appear in the refrigerator even if you check it multiple times.

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if you notice guy on the sidewalk is moving faster than traffic, don’t try to keep pace with the guy…

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to @elbrownmcne [who was next to locked room my upcoming class needed] “either let them in or put up a sign canceling class, either way”

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radar Free ebook: Designing Great Data Products

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smashingmag Jigsoar Icons: A free, creative commons licensed custom designed icon set with 60 vector shapes -

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matthewhurst Designing User Experiences for Imperfect Data

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Oh, Owl City, yep this whole turning on some music was a good idea.

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cameronmoll “A mediocre team will screw up a good idea. But give a mediocre idea to a great team… they’ll find a way to succeed.” –Ed Catmull, Pixar

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IATV “Wicked Problems: New book from Jon Kolko available free online” (

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So it seems my family keeps a closer eye on my Facebook status messages than I assumed they did.

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Good day with friends!

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jesse_miller “I’m so glad that pasting that text included the format of the original document!” — No one. Ever.

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gigaom Walmart Labs is building big data tools — and will then open source

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no red numbers in @OmniFocus! Ok, so I cheated a bit, but a win is still a win right?

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was just told I was awesome

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Well no @vmwareview client for my @GoogleTV. Not that I really have a productive use for it, but with all the talk of android, had to check.

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@vmwareview will have to take a look at that! Sample code is always good.

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brownorama Guys! “You should be using tool X insad of tool Y” is the wrong message. Adopt a new mindset and use whatever tool solves your problem.

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MicrosoftPress EPUB & MOBI now available for our free “Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012” ebook:

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levie This is why you study computer science: Draw Something sold for $200M after a few months; Pictionary sold for $29M after 16 years

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my Web Design students just attributed my being earily to class to my new haircut.

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For those questioning what I’ve become based on that last tweet, ,

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Looking for workflow for bibtex & MS Word (on OS X). Would prefer something that works with Bibdesk (especially drag & drop). Any ideas?

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well today turned out to not be half bad, still lots to do

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Was worried the whole coke in floor thing was a sign of the day ahead, so far however, that’s been the worst of it.

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Outside of dumping a coke in the floor while getting ready, this morning, while busy, hasn’t been that bad.

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Monday hasn’t even started and I think I have a case of the Mondays. :(

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I would go to a website just it time for them to start a maintenance window.

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Inbox zero being but a pipe dream, I’m aiming for zero dirty dishes in the kitchen before I go to bed.

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Usability observation for the day: VW clearly did not intend for a left handed person to put washer fluid in my Jetta.

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ITBill HTML5 roundup: access a virtualized desktop from your browser with VMware via @arstechnica

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@jenseninman lol, had same todo week ago, wanted to do much the same. Actually, I wasn’t as upbeat in desire, more a “I taught some classes”

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tennesseetech Public welcome to tour the universe with physics teachers at TTU

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random Sunday observation: the number of pairs of light brown socks I own way over represents the number of light brown pants I own.

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Watching a show called “Doomsday Bunkers”, not sure what to think of some of this…

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Hope everyone stays safe with their activities today. Also, if you’re in Cookeville, keep an eye on the weather.

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The PhD Movie is coming to DVD and online streaming! (April 15th)

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“maybe I shouldn’t be pulling things out of my computer while it’s on”

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small happy dance for the day!

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RevDrBrown Free full version of Bryce 7 - a 3D landscape creation system:

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upside of doing laundry for my evening chore: the washer and dryer do the bulk of the work, yet I’m being productive!

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why aren’t @html5shirt’s beanies blue?!?

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twice this afternoon I have seen references to . Dear , got a summary?

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AiVancouver The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. - Mary Pickford

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I found it!

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@maxey2005 Hey now! Trying to flood this @tennesseetech boy’s feed with bad news or something?!?!?

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note to self: “opening facebook in more than one window doesn’t change what’s on facebook”

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so Burger King no longer has Chicken Fries?

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