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May 2012

@panic @ZicklePop please be something good and not an end; I’ve already lost a twitter client this year.

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@ZicklePop … a few weeks ago, have to fix that before I can really play around with it.

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@ZicklePop Well that doesn’t sound promising :( Downloaded, then remembered hadn’t set back up apache since my webserver died…

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Also, @ZicklePop tried Diet Coda?

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Hey @ZicklePop I’m clear to bug @panic about those updates to transmit now right? Like say some @rackcloud file love?

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meyerweb If a page gets deleted but nobody visits it, does it still make a 404?

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judging from crowd at mother’s day cards: 1) lots of moms are going to see their kids tomorrow or 2) lots of moms are getting late cards

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DavidArno The key to being a good JavaScript programmer is being able to laugh at, and understand the significance of, this image

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having a hard time finding a music groove today…

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mollydotcom Every time I hear “Mobile Web” I’m going to make someone write “There is no Mobile Web” 400 times on the chalkboard. Then 400 more.

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TheWurzels So if today is Star Wars day: “May the fourth be with you”, does that make tomorrow “Revenge of the fifth”?

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Listening to @VMware talk about the new features in View 5.1 and reading @UnideskCorp’s View 5.1 status document at the same time. :(

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oodja Charlie Brown as Link from Zelda:…

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Just quoted @jenseninman to a student. Maybe someone should have recorded her talk.

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dtcaroline *wow*. Ben Horowitz kills it re: why girlcoders are the future. via @women2

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adainitiative Interested in women creating CC-licensed artwork? Apply to attend ! /cc @creativecommons

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@K8Zo was totally a view issue, finally got ahold of someone at @VMware that could give me answers , waiting to implement.

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