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March 2011

RKHilbertSpace Q: How to generate a random string? A: Put a fresh student in front of vi and tell him to quit.

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ghc apply for a scholarship to attend Grace Hopper 2011 in Portland, OR Nov 9-12! deadline to apply is May 16 #ghc11 plz RT

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@lgvelazco All the stuff that took place in 24 was enough for couple of day’s activities. Also, #protip: for more hours, work past midnight

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weather for Cookeville: snow #fb

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it has been a very long day… #fb

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just spent entirely too long looking for a native OS X app with a save icon on the toolbar… #stilllooking #fb

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(sung to the tune of somewhere over the rainbow) “some page over the Internet” #fb

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fling my entire O’Reilly book - Mobile Design & Development - is now available online for free!

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have to remember that clapping at and/or questioning the TV doesn’t really have any impact…

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actually added an event after May to my calendar today! #exciting #mayneedtofly #fb

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anyone have a favorite UML book? #yesIknow #fb

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@GeoShore So I’m ok if I’m driving the public transit? (or is that covered else where?)

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@maxey2005 It’s possible to not be backed up with work? :D Now see upside here, can get lost in work and be destracted from the 10 year.

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Really @maxey2005, you had to do this on a Monday?!? Remind everyone of just how long it’s been 1st thing Monday morning? ;) #fb

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iubtechcareers Interview Tips for Interaction Designers @johnwaynehill…

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RWW ReadWriteHack: 6 Free E-Books on Learning to Program with Python

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A: “Christopher Columbus wasn’t on any of [the three ships] he swam the whole way”
B: “So what you’re saying is Columbus = Chuck Norris” #fb

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Computing pioneer Jean Jennings Bartik dies - #cnn #fb

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why take down one virtual host when you can take down all the virtual hosts? :) #fb

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@ceeasley21 Also the end of the semester has a way of making the list much shorter.

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@ceeasley21 Na, I just graded quizzes, that’s another item down. Of course, I now have “post quiz grades” to add.

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MicrosoftPress Think you’re good at scripting…prove it at the 2011 Scripting Games

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Productive if slightly long day, lots done, more off the list than on. Still lots to do. #fb

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wonder what the largest site ever converted to a @facebook page is/was?

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moskovich Your mobile phone has more computing power than all of NASA in 1969. NASA put a man on the moon. We put a bird into pigs.

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experiencing a major #uifail with a @facebook group page! :( #fb

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bluesmoon It takes Goog/Yhoo less time to search the web than it takes Acrobat to search within a single PDF.

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Interesting side-effect of program/code obsolesce: have source code, don’t have an Operating System running version of compiler anymore. #fb

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ThinkGeek :: Death Star Giant Cookie Jar Is @thinkgeek cool for doing this, or evil for costing me money?

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developerworks Build an #OAuth enabled #desktop #Twitter client Part 1 > and Part 2 #Social #web #app #code

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I think this week is going to include several late evenings to get the @OmniFocus list back down to a reasonable size. #funtimesahead #fb

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“it’s not trash it’s artifacts of productivity” — Me #fb

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Well I keep writing tweets about it, and now one of my regular clients has it, so @Twitter on OS X and @Tweed how about doing a list for @’s

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Well @OmniFocus, you’re 31 items overdue, but I think that’s going to be it for today. #needtimetodigout

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More than once I’ve lost an apple product for several days, only to discover it in bag I’d been carrying around for all those days. #fb

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Is it @Charter or @ComedyCentral’s issue that onscreen programing guide reports @TheDailyShow episodes are new this week? #five$forwronginfo

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clicked on a banner ad only to get an access denied error page. #FAIL #wasteofmoney #fb

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@manogirl Ya, don’t have that problem. Except the few times I have done it at work because the headset was bugging me. #toughforthem

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@manogirl I put class on speakers pretty much any time I don’t have to talk & I’m at home. At work my speakers don’t have enough volume.

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Conference leadership for #ghc11 is going to have their work cut out for them with all the wonderful submissions showing up on #twitter.

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Thinking about the privacy issues that come with shopping at Wal-Mart #fb

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ghc Don’t forget: tomorrow is the last day to submit for Grace Hopper 2011! #ghc11

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gslis_help_desk A reminder that most of the US will switch to daylight Savings Time this weekend. Spring forward & try to not be too sleepy this next week!

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I promise I didn’t bring this weather back with me! #fb

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jwb713 Deadline approaching for Undergrad #Petascale Intern program. Don’t have to be at IL. Check it out: #hpc #ncsa

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gvanrossum Python Tools for Visual Studio from Microsoft - Free & Open Source - http://pytools.codeplex….

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au_wic 2011 Grace Hopper Scholarship Applications are now open until 05/16/2011, w00t!!! #ghc11

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Farewell Discovery: Longest-Lived Shuttle’s Greatest Hits | Wired Science |

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find it odd @twitter’s followers list shows you if you’re following that person, but the following list doesn’t show if they follow you…

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@gailcarmichael If you’re doing anything at all, you’re going to make someone unhappy, comes with the territory.

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NASA STS-133 was the 39th and final flight for Discovery, which spent 365 days in space, orbited Earth 5,830 times and traveled 148,221,675 miles

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Just watched Discovery’s last landing. :/ #fb

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today is what day of the week?!?! #WhereDidTheWeekGo #halfgone #fb

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So @twitter on the iPhone/iPod will give me a list now when I at someone in a tweet, yay! #abouttime #NowForTheMacClient

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anyone have the #gnome3 preview with @gnomeshell running in @ParallelsMac?

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listening to some music and slowly getting things off the todo list, not a bad evening. #fb

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noticed couple of highway signs recently where the “y”s don’t sit on baseline. This part of the newish standard or lazyness in sign making?

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@nicolibrarian You get a special badge and a free t-shirt! Who wouldn’t go for that? Now, take those away from the process and…

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@manogirl Personally have found reviewing task list, adjusting for next/urgent tasks & making plan to complete those next day seems to help.

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@manogirl there was talk of music and/or audiobooks for helping with that, interesting variation you have. Not sure I know enough lyrics…

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@manogirl my problem is usually the getting the brain to shut down once I go to bed variety. Issue with not going to bed is real but smaller

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while sitting around with a group at #gslisui, talked turned to task/schedule management and sleep. Everyone reported having sleep problems.

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had really good conversation after class today about technology innovation removing social barriers for content access #ereaders #audiobooks

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@ZicklePop Does “podcast host” pay reasonably well? #benefits?#endoftermappointment

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@summerMistine Me too! Also happy about 1) new wiper blades that helped make it possible and 2) friends that care enough to check on me.

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Posting this entirely for @ZicklePop, figured he’d get a kick out of @twitter’s suggestions for me this evening.

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aleksk what is web science? @jahendler says it’s studying the engineering & instrumentation of the WWW + the emergent social effects #webnetsci

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@maxey2005 Yay for you! :( for me…

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@jilleduffy that whole stereotype of @twitter, is so overhyped. I hardly get that type of stuff in my feed. Think you had a great reply!

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agpublic Brad Burnham: “The people who think about software & computers are different from those who think about software & people.” YES. #transpo

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FYI: singing along to John Mayer busting down doors to a 10 year reunion is way less empowering when reunion is months, not years away. #fb

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I guess it’s probably in line with the others in the series, @HudsonEnt’s Deca Sports 3 kayaking isn’t bad, but had such high hopes for it.

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gtdguy If your backlog of stuff isn’t zero’d regularly, you’re hostage to your own incessant angst that you should.

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“expect people to answer blackberries on Sunday evening, but don’t allow to bring their children to work on Monday” paraphrasing #PARCForum

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lgdean “absolute with respect to what?” #TheSortOfThingISay (and it even made sense in context. I blame CSS.)

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My technology seems to like to have issues right before #gslisui #leep weekend. Phone got in on the fun this time.

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the twitter spam for that last tweet should be interesting.

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“If I want to install a trojan on my iPad, I should be able to” —Me #fb

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Of course I’m still left questioning why I keep having @palm phones going out. #willbephone3 #sinceSept

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Having fun with @VZWSupport, think this last phone call may have things on the right path now. :/ Have to call back in a couple of hours.

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@VZWSupport looks like you stopped following me. There was someone else on the phone, will call 800 number.

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I guess the upside of not expecting much re: @VZWSupport at the store is that they can both fail and meet expectations.

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Not the usual helpful service I get from calling @VZWSupport, looks like I’m off to the store… #deadpreplus :(

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this is a non-ideal health state for both teaching and traveling :(

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it’s fun little bunny trails like the one this afternoon that get me temporarily thinking I’d enjoy running mail services. #thenitpasses #fb

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ghc Today is March 1—only 2 weeks until submissions for Grace Hopper close! Submit your proposal today: ^cs #ghc2011

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radar Free book: Essential #JavaScript Design Patterns for Beginners

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