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March 9th, 2011

au_wic 2011 Grace Hopper Scholarship Applications are now open until 05/16/2011, w00t!!! #ghc11

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Farewell Discovery: Longest-Lived Shuttle’s Greatest Hits | Wired Science |

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find it odd @twitter’s followers list shows you if you’re following that person, but the following list doesn’t show if they follow you…

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@gailcarmichael If you’re doing anything at all, you’re going to make someone unhappy, comes with the territory.

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NASA STS-133 was the 39th and final flight for Discovery, which spent 365 days in space, orbited Earth 5,830 times and traveled 148,221,675 miles

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Just watched Discovery’s last landing. :/ #fb

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today is what day of the week?!?! #WhereDidTheWeekGo #halfgone #fb

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So @twitter on the iPhone/iPod will give me a list now when I at someone in a tweet, yay! #abouttime #NowForTheMacClient

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anyone have the #gnome3 preview with @gnomeshell running in @ParallelsMac?

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listening to some music and slowly getting things off the todo list, not a bad evening. #fb

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noticed couple of highway signs recently where the “y”s don’t sit on baseline. This part of the newish standard or lazyness in sign making?

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