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June 2011

@cameronmoll As a Tennessean, Hello @cameronmoll. hope you have a good visit.

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@danaferguson @summermistine Now that’s an interesting approach, register and start swinging… ;)

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jilleduffy It doesn’t cost anything to be kind and considerate, and the results will pay off a lot more than making threats or insults.

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@danaferguson well hope both the week and the vacation have a high amount of rockitude!

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neiltyson With automatic spell checkers running unleashed over what we compose, our era is that of correctly spelled typos.

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@danaferguson if things stop rocking come vacation time you’re doing it wrong.

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so clearly I have much to learn in the world of food shopping, pretty sure on my own tonight’s trip would have been a #fail #fb

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Without @Kohls_Official help, I’m stuck ordering a similar product from amazon and waiting a long time for it to come in.

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Maybe @Kohls_Official can help me understand why I can add bookmarked item to cart, can’t find in search, and shows wrong color in checkout.

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pewinternet 12% of U.S. adults own an e-book reader as of May 2011, up from 6% in November 2010

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if anyone needs some white noise to get to sleep with, I know where you can find some… #fb

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about the first 12 lowest channels, the Hallmark Channel, and CSPAN2 and odd combo of working @Charter channels.

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so the @Charter goes out, well except for the Hallmark Channel, guess I’m going to be watching the Golden Girls for a while… #fb

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Maybe @summermistine can get us some some #smartgrid technology here in Cookeville. #PowerOutage #YepAnotherOne #fb

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Having a good recharge day. Taking care of home things, on&off chats with some good friends: great way to wrap several days being social #fb

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Going to see #BadTeacher with @summermistine need some new ideas for the classroom. #fb

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uxmag A rich trove of knowledge from social/privacy guru danah boyd RT @zephoria: All of my papers are available at…

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Ocoee River claims 2nd drowning victim this year | | @Tennessean | #fb

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recurring theme in conversations today: “people should do what makes them happy, and we should do things to support them in being happy” #fb

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antiheroine On why I want to involve men in the “women in technology” discussion (and a thank-you to the great men I know):

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@VZWSupport … was able to upload problem photo to facebook from the phone.

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@VZWSupport tried to send that photo to someone else also failed, was able to receive a photo from that person…

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@VZWSupport … will try sending problem photo to someone else here in second and report back.

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@VZWSupport Yep, all that works, in fact could even send another picture to the same person, just not that photo…

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… guess that is however better than the ones that are going in without a description #OnlySoMuchToSayAboutSomeOfThem

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some of my @pinboard descriptions are reminding me of the great works of literature that were summarized in a tweet a while back…

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@lgvelazco trying to out do IBM’s 100 years are we?

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@danaferguson Unless you dream of a world of shatter free iPhones, think you may be exaggerating a bit there with the tagging.

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So far: packaged an amazon return, wrapped a birthday gift. What’s everyone else doing in the #38501 power outage? #fb

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@VZWSupport having issues in 38501? Having problem sending picture message. Power is out in part of town, but other data & calls seem fine.

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first time I tried to write that last tweet I was on my computer, power went out before it could post. #fb

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Seems like we’ve had an extreme amount of extreme weather here in the 38501 recently #fb

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my good deed for the day has been derailed it seems. :( #AlwaysTomorrow #fb

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Like the @Sprint “so we can all get back to playing angry birds” commercial. #WhatWeReallyThink #NotSureINeedToSeeItEveryBreakHowever #fb

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autocad The AutoCAD User Experience Team is looking looking for participants in an AutoCAD research study.

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Hope I’m not driving away my follows with my higher than usual retweet : new tweet ratio; less going on for me, but still lots to share.

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“Don’t see the value in LinkedIn? You’re not alone” | InfoWorld | Nice to see others thinking about this #fb

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@KellyCDB Great, movie night with friends; how about yourself?

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PARCinc Failure is happening because of gaps between the boxes/ silos [we put people to in orgs] #PARCForum

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OH: “Darth Vader totally supports DRM” #fb

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MSFTResearch Kinect for Windows SDK – It’s Here! Read. Watch. Download. #Kinect_SDK

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Women in CS: apply for the Facebook Grace Hopper Scholarship today! (via @IllinoisCS) #fb

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radar Free download of “Principles of Uncertainty” Don’t skip the conversation with Eran Bellin

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OReillyMedia A code-a-thon is where people with data in search of ideas meet people with ideas in search of data. /gg

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CACMmag High schoolers think Apple and Facebook are cool, and this is helping boost enrollment in computer science programs.

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@brunomoniz Saw that the other day, almost did the same for much the same reason. Would be interested to know your impressions.

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MicrosoftPress RT @stevej The classic text ‘Computer Structures’ is available free online thanks to somebody nice at @MSFTResearch:

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sitepointdotcom A Primer on CSS3 Transforms

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holding back on saying much until I can dive into the info, not sure I like where this is going for a host of issues. #fb

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voidspace Mac OS X Lion from appstore is “cool”, but a fresh os install will be painful. First install 10.6 and update. Then download and install 10.7

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Hope everyone that owns apple stuff is prepared to find out it’s all completely outdated today. :) #WWDC #keynote #MoreThanMyFairShare #fb

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golan “The problem with UDP jokes is you don’t know if the other person gets them.” (via @allartburns)

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@maxey2005 say what you will about history, but basketball is what the community shows up to attend.

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hum… I’ve become acclimated to Cookeville it seems, without any prompting I’m watching the Great TV Auction. #fb

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for some reason @google doesn’t show the google doodle on their ssl search page. :( #fb

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Google Doodle Pays a Visit to Richard Scarry’s Busytown | GeekDad |

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ParallelsMac WWDC starts Monday! To show our support to the awesome dev community, we are giving away an iPad 2. RT to win! #ParallelsWWDC

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Microsoft_EDU Announcing BUILD by Microsoft. BUILD is the first place to dive deep into the future of Windows. http://www.buildwindows….

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really time machine?! Not even a week before you decide to trash the volume again?! #fb

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@maxey2005 Hey now, don’t go filling this genius’s head with nonsense!

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