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August 25th, 2010

@nicolibrarian just flipped over to your twitter page and saw “Now with 100% more baby on board.” very cute!

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@nicolibrarian if you’re looking at long term preservation/identification, the transience of urls could be a problem.

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@nicolibrarian … and both rfc2396 and (…) seem to hint that distinction, they don’t say it that way.

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@nicolibrarian I was thinking that uri’s were suppose to be more persistent style identifiers than urls which are location base…

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meyerweb As @cwilso once rightly observed: say what you want about Clippy, he knows way more about Office than any of us ever will.

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@nicolibrarian I usually go with URL 2x: b) from what I remember of the original distinction, more in keeping with how most are used today

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@nicolibrarian I usually go with URL 2x: a) more people know what you’re talking about.

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ghc IMPORTANT! Grace Hopper 2010 is going to sell out SOON. if you really want to go, please register This. Week. http://ghc10r #ghc10 plz RT

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@panic surely Popeye isn’t the only famous user of transmit out there.

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there really needs to be more balance in the telecommunications provider/customer relationship…

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ParallelsMac Want books for free this semester? Send a video or essay on the future of education for a shot at the prize:

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